Indiana freezer warehouse - blast freezer in Indianapolis, IN

Indiana Warehouse offers Truckload and LTL (less than load)
Trucking and Transportation Brokerage

Indianapolis' Merchandise Warehouse Transportation Services is a full service, door to door, transportation brokerage operation. Our primary customers are those companies which have a direct relationship with Merchandise Multi-Temp Warehouse. However, we also serve related entities such as suppliers and customers/consignees of our warehouse customers.

Our mission is to provide a seamless, comprehensive service offering on truckload and LTL basis for those customers that need dry, refrigerated and frozen transport services. Since our warehouse locations are serviced by rail, we can also serve those customers seeking rail transport on an inbound, outbound or cross-dock basis. Further, we have long standing relationships with a variety of truckload and LTL carriers to answer your specific geographical needs. Finally, Merchandise Multi-temp Warehouse Transportation Services can also facilitate your LTL consolidation needs on a refrigerated or dry basis.

Single Point of Contact - saves you time and money on your truckload and LTL trucking

Consolidated Billing - streamlines your account payables for transportation services

Multiple Carriers - ensures the best fit for your LTL trucking needs

Warehouse Integrated - trucking plus warehouse plus online inventory control = supply chain management

Contact Merchandise Warehouse Transportation Services at 317-632-2525 ext 621 for a free quote on LTL trucking in Indianapolis.

This 3pl 3rd party warehousing provider and 3pl third party logistics in contract warehousing with cross docking at our cross-docking facility in indianapolis for Indiana Public Warehouseing with total freight management and logistics managment handles consolidation of freight in LTL and drayage. Merchandise Warehouse Company, Inc. provides public warehousing in the Midwest in our warehouse in the Midwest as well as contract warehousing in the Midwest and Warehousing services in the Midwest for warehousing and distribution in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Indiana Freight consolidation transportation brokerage of LTL trucking and food transportation giving you lower trucking and delivery costs through less than load trucking consolidation of freight. Using less than load (LTL) trucking from our contract warehousing center for distribution of frozen food in Indianapolis and distribution services in Indiana freight consolidation full load and LTL, freight management and Freight storage facilities, LTL less than load trucking truckload or ltl freight consolidation for frozen refrigerated transportation. Merchandise Warehouse ensures constant temperature storage and cooler services cooler storage. Refrigerated truck and rail docks for Cross docking at our cross-docking Transloading facility and distribution center allows supply chain management solutions in Indianapolis. Indiana Merchandise Warehouse.

The Midwest facilities of this public warehouse are located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Indianapolis, IN (Indiana) is convenient to many major cities such as Columbus Indiana, Lafayette Indiana, Terre Haute Indiana, Bloomington Indiana, Richmond Indiana, Dayton Ohio, Columbus Ohio, Cincinnati Ohio, Louisville Kentucky. Interstate access and fast loading with Rail Service, indoor rail access, on site rail service and pool distribution using non-union warehouse labor force, we excel in 3pl third party logistics.

Industrial Dry Storage and industrial storage and warehousing in our ambient temperature industrial warehouses are available in Public, contract and leased warehousing facilities. Our Indiana Public food warehouse and PRW Public Refrigerated Warehouse offers public refrigerated warehousing in our public storage facility. Public warehousing in our Public Warehouse offer Quality Assurance in secure warehouse storage.

We offer cross docking for freight transfers of full load and LTL in this Indianapolis inter modal warehouse. Intermodal warehousing offers multi-temp facilities in an inter-modal warehousing facility. Our staff offers loading multi-temp trailers in our multi-temp (multi temp) warehouse. Multi-client warehousing is public warehousing storing multi-temperature products such as pharmaceutical products, refrigerated pharmaceutical storage and warehousing of pharmaceutical drugs.